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THE BULLS!! posted on 05/01/2009

The Bulls are showing signs of their great days once again..

They have very talented guards in Rose and Gordon, They also have a veteran center finally who compliments his teammates well in Brad Miller.

All the other players play their roles well such as Hinrich, Salmons, Noah. They have made themselves exciting once again and a force to be reckoned with..

I always thought who drafts Noah really wants to win.. He wins big in college and is a very passionate player, now they have Rose who compliments the whole team and especially Gordon,now they trade to Sacramento for Brad Miller and John Salmons! That deal made them contenders.. They have lacked a solid veteran center for some time.. They were stuck with Chandler and Curry and Wallace for some time and finally got a more mature and seasoned vet to fill up the middle and who can also make his free throws..

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QUESTION FOR JHONNY PERALTA????? posted on 04/30/2009
I have one Question for Jhonny Peralta of the Cleveland Indians.. Why do you bother bringing a bat with you when you walk to the plate? you never swing man.. i've seen you strike out LOOKING with bases loaded a few times already this year and with runners in scoring position alot... If i was Eric Wedge i'd send you to the plate with no bat since it seems all you want to do is draw a walk.. I LOVE HOW MILLIONAIRS CAN CASH A CHECK WITHOUT PLAYING...

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THE BRADY QUINN FACTOR posted on 04/30/2009

This is the year Quinn should be the starter. It's about time the Clevelad Browns start to invest their time into players and make the Browns a legit team. They are always putting players on pedistools them letting them go.

I think they should start with Quinn. let him play win or lose.

The Fans deserve to root for somebody instead of someone new every year....

Brady Quinn has the talent and the Charm to impact the team and organization.. build around him and they will become successful if they give someone a shot long enough.. let the players build a system and friendship it takes to win a superbowl..

The Cleveland Fans have been great they deserve better management..

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Los Angeles Angels will come together and win 100 games this year.. posted on 04/30/2009

The Angels are one fo the most complete teams in MLB. They have Power, Speed, Pitching when all healthy, veteran leadership, and a tragedy they should all overcome to empower them and inspire them..

They have struggled to start the season but baseball is a marathon not a sprint.

Once Bobby Abreu gets his power numbers up and their pitching becomes healthy they will be back on top in their division.

Abreu is still playing well though without any homers. He has 8 stolen bases which is amongst the league leaders and he is getting on base almost twice a game.. Torii has been cleaning up in his at-bats! Kendry Morales is finally getting his daily oppurtunites while struggling for playing tme the past 2 seasons and he is coming alive.

Howie Kendrik is always a threat for extra base hits and seems to have added some pop in his bat this season.

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Denver Nuggets look good??!!?!? posted on 04/30/2009

I'm not a fan of the nuggets but i'm not a hater either. I call it how i see it.. Chauncey Billups has shown how important he is to a team, Detroit imploded the moment he left and the nuggets thrived.. They are all Healthy and can play fast and slow ball and have good defense.. Chris "Birdman" Anderson is a force of the bench as well..

I feel they are true contenders for the title.

It seems they have matured immensly and George Karl finally has a team that may get him a ring...

I also have to admit they are exciting to watch. I dont like watching them against my team but i feel thats a compliment to what they have become... most NBA Games i don't sit and watch only the few teams i love i watch but Denver is a highlight reel almsot every time they have the ball.

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