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California Man with an interest in sports and travel. If there news, I got the goods.


Anthropology, Culture, Music, Screen-writing, Sports, Travel, Zoos

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Not just best in the West, but of the rest posted on 07/23/2008
Who has the best record in MLB?  The Los Angeles Angels and theres a reason.  It's not Tori Hunter who has shown mediaocre play since joining the team.  Its not Vlad and its not K-Rod (who is doing what we expected).  It's guys like Mike Napoli, Gary Matthews, and the most surprise pitching staff this year.  With there number one and two starters injured for the season thus far, who would have thought they would still have the best record in baseball and if you play fantasy you are far from dissappointed with the numbers they're putting up this year.  I'd like to know what others think.  What is the secret of Angels this year, do you see a World Series Championship, and if so who might stand in there way (American and National) and why?

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